Challenge update #5...

08 September, 2012

It's now the home straight for my challenge to grow more than 50% of my fruit and veg for a year.

This past month August was the second last month of recording all fruit and veg grown vs bought and as part of the slowest part of the year in the garden was sure to be the weakest link.

But I'm happy to say things continue to look up.

The total garden produce for the month of August sits at (drumroll please)... 65%.

This is a slight improvement from last month and gives me a pretty good feeling that the garden has managed pretty well during what is traditionally the hungry gap, although that may be yet to come with winter crops slowing down and summer crops not yet ready for eating.

This past month I picked English Spinach, Perpetual Spinach, Broccoli, Kale, Gai Lan, Beetroot (roots and leaves), Radishes, (a very few) Peas, Celery, Lettuce, Parsley, Spring Onions and (the very, very occasional) Alpine Strawberry and (all of 5) Raspberries - remember them.

The current total for the last 11 months is now 65% - marginally up from 64% at the end of last month.

So yay for the garden! You deserve a gold star!


  1. Oh well done! - impressive stuff. Not wanting to be the voice of doom I do find September and October are when I probably harvest least from the garden (depending on when I plant my brassicas) but that may be my lack of forward planning as much as anything else. I would love to grow raspberries - very jealous of your 5.

    1. Thanks! And good to have the heads up, I'll be interested to see what this month brings. The raspberries are soooooo worth it, I highly recommend getting some!

  2. Just found your blog, from Liz. I'm very impressed with how much you've grown from your garden. I gave mine a bit of a rest over winter, but I'm still harvesting peas, celery, warrigal greens and silverbeet, as well as the odd turnip and parsnip.
    Good fun, isn't it?

    1. Sounds like even with a rest you're doing well! I pretty much neglected root veg this year, with the exception of beetroot, and have been regretting it - definitely growing parsnip next year. But whatever crop always turns out a joy!