Peas please...

14 August, 2012

Slowly the garden seems to be coming along. Unlike the last month or two where the garden has seemed suspended in time and plants seemed to hardly growing at all, it looks like things are starting to move.

And racing out of the blocks are the peas.

I sowed these peas outdoors in the raised veg patch in mid May, and they have been creeping along, but the last week or so they've been throwing out flowers galore, and I hope pods of deliciously sweet peas are not too far away.

But in the meantime, just look at those gorgeous flowers.

Who said vegetable gardens aren't pretty?


  1. Pea flowers are very beautiful! I love the greenish veins. I am at the end of my snow peas which I call heaven on a stalk. Sometimes my pick doesn't even make it inside.

    I haven't ever tried growing shelling peas, I musty admit to staying with my tried and true snowies! But after looking at endless Daphne's Dandelions pictures of her sugar snap, I'll be venturing in that direction next autumn.

    PS: thanks for the seeds - I blogged about them...

    1. Yes, they are gorgeous! I often feel that veggie flowers are under-rated. I usually grow snow peas but didn't this year... sometimes there are just too many good things to grow! My pleasure on the seeds!

  2. I'd call that more than creeping - they're doing really well. The only peas I've had success with this year are sweet peas which hopefully will start flowering soon. My edible ones all got eaten by slugs and snails...sigh...oh well something to look forward to next year...

    1. Funny that - my sweet peas all got eaten! You never know what will succeed and what will fail in the garden... that's what makes it so maddening and yet extremely satisfying when something does succeed!