Hi ho seedlings away...

31 August, 2012

Yes, that blog title is pretty pathetic. Maybe I should change it to something more sophisticated... no, bugger it! I don't care if you think my puns are sad and pathetic. So there.

Anyways, back to the planned topic, which would be seedlings. A couple of weeks ago I did my first sowing of the season, and some of them have come good.

The tomatoes and cucumbers are looking good. Not so the eggplants, water and rock melons and capsicums, but I'll give them a bit more time. Maybe they're just late bloomers.

I love how the seed outsides sometimes stick to the top of the emerging seedlings.

The cucumbers are looking a little anaemic. Hopefully they will green up in the next day or so.

Have you had seed sowing success?


  1. I do like a seedling suspended seed case myself! My tomatoes are getting on fine, I have lettuce up as well as the first of my eggplants, garlic chives and spring onions. I haven't started with my cucumbers yet - I generally start them a bit later. I am foot tapping at the slowness of my chillies (padron and others).

  2. [chuckle] So true! Very nice on the seed growing, though I share your chilli frustration.