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20 August, 2012

I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front the last few days, mostly because I haven't been doing anything in the garden. I get into the garden when I can during the week (and with increasing daylight hours in the evening this is getting easier) but most weekends I prioritise spending at least a few hours in the garden.

But not this weekend. Because this weekend was my brother's wedding.

And if that wasn't enough to keep me busy, my mother offered to do the flowers.

Now my mother isn't a trained florist, but she has a friend Susie who is and who generously offered to help. So they've been doing test runs to the Melbourne flower wholesalers and getting everything sorted. I was over at my mothers place Saturday afternoon before the rehersal, and as they were running a bit behind, I jumped in to help. 

We finished the flowers at 8.30pm that night. I was exhausted, but they turned out lovely.


The wedding itself was wonderful, despite the mad rushing around the day before.

At the end of the night we gave away as many flowers as we could, and still had mountains left over, so I took some home myself.

They're a lovely reminder of a lovely event.


  1. Oh these are lovely! I like it homemade. It reminds me of my wedding when my mum and I did my flowers. Our grannies got a bunch of violets each , just becasue they should. Everyone attending (a small but special group) got a buttonhole, and instead of confetti everyone got a bag of dried flowers from my garden - rose petals, violets, violas, daisies and rosemary for remembrance.

    I am sure it was a great day for your brother.

  2. Wow, you did your own flowers! Very impressive, as that's a lot of work when they're lots to keep you busy. Especially with the buttonholes as they're so fiddly. I felt bad as I had one made, and then forgot it in the fridge at home. Ah well. I love the dried flower idea instead of confetti too!

  3. How beautiful are those flowers! I bet your brother had a beautiful wedding with those as a sample.
    - Christine

    1. Thanks for commenting and reminding me of such a lovely day. It was quite pretty, but the memories of the event are nicer