Challenge update #4...

05 August, 2012

Way back in spring 2011 I challenged myself to grow 50% of my fruit and veg. This challenge will be finished as of 1st Oct 2012.

After the last challenge update I have been a bit nervous. Last month I had dipped below the 50% mark at a measley 46% homegrown, so I have been particularly concerned about how these last 3 months will turn out.

And I'm pleased to say things are looking up (a little).

The July harvest sits at 58%. Yay for being back above 50%.

This brings the years' overall tally to 64%! With only two months to go I'm feeling a bit more confident that I'll make it.

I think the difference this month is I've been much more conscious about using my preserved fruit and veg from summer. I still have a bit left - some peas and broadbeans in the freezer (as well as pesto but I doubt that will get me very far, flavoursome though it is!), and a fair bit of passata, stewed apple and rhubarb.

The garden still has a lot of potential, with caulis still to produce, plenty of purple sprouting broccoli that I hope will start soon, kale, peas that are forming pods, celery, plenty of lettuce, spinach, endive, rocket and radicchio, and the remnants of summer sown carrots and beetroot that have slowly grown throughout the winter.

So I shouldn't starve, but it will be a race to the finish line I'm sure (the Olympics must be rubbing off on me...)


  1. That is an amazing challenge you have put yourself and your garden to. I have often wondered what % I manage to supply myself with but never been bothered with trying to calculate it. Based on gut there are some times in the year I supply a huge percentage - it's summer really - tomatoes, zucchini, chillies, beans eggplants. Some parts of winter too that I have endless cauli, broccoli, cabbage and snow peas, but right now the pickings are very thin. Congratulations on keeping your nose above 50%.

    Your seeds got posted Saturday. I was thinking colour contrast when I chose them. Hope they are ok.

    1. Thanks! I think I needed the challenge to really push me, and while the recording is a pain at times it's been really great to see how much I can produce. I know what you mean about varying amounts, but even a few bits from the garden feels really good. Thanks for the seeds, yours got posted today. I'm sure they will be wonderful!

  2. Well done on getting over 50%. I could never manage it with fruit (my children go through an inordinate amount of the stuff but I'm wondering about veg. Perhaps when you finish your challenge I'll start recording for my own.

    1. Cheers! I think I'd struggle with fruit too, although I'm hoping as my fruit trees grow this will change. It's been a bit of a pain to record, but I'm thinking when I do a wrap up I'll be able to look at what I needed to buy when, and hopefully be able to plan for next year better too!