Catching up to the crop...

23 August, 2012

After having missed my usual getting into the garden over the weekend, I've been catching up with what's happening in the garden.

And it appears that the broccoli is getting out of hand. Some of them were ideal, but lots really needed to be picked now, before they go fully into flower and become inedible. 

When I got started picking I couldn't stop. I picked a few handfuls of side shoots, but they aren't quite what I had planned for dinner.

Now I've found some home grow produce doesn't last that long after being picked, even when immediately refrigerated. Broccoli is one of those; they go all soft and unappetizing after a couple of days in the crisper.

But (maybe) not anymore.

A few weeks back I found these in the supermarket. They claim to prolong the freshness of produce by their "crushed volcanic rock particles" which "draw out gasses that cause food to deteriorate". Has anyone used these? Are they any good?

I've not tried them before myself, so this seemed like a good time to run a little test.

I've put half the broccoli in a normal supermarket veg bag and half in the Fresh & Crisp bag.

I'm going to leave them in the fridge for a week or two and see how they go. "Crushed volcanic rock particles", well we shall see...


  1. OOH and experiment! I look forward to your findings.

  2. I do enjoy a good experiment, especially one in which I am a little dubious of the merits of the item...can I want it to fail? The bag not the experiment I mean...

    1. Of course you can want it to fail - I am highly sceptical myself!

  3. The bags work a treat - seriously amazing, particularly for broccoli. Now that I grow my own and pick before cooking I don't use them so much, but they were a lifesaver when I was relying on th supermarkets.

    1. Hmmm, interesting! I'm now even more anxious to see the results...