Challenge update #3...

04 July, 2012

Not much is happening in the garden at this time of year. While the broccoli, beetroot, kale and occasional peas are good for eating, there isn't much else which is doing its bit to fill my plate and stomach.

And as such the Great Fruit and Vegetable (not quite) Self-sufficiency Challenge 2011/12 tally is suffering. (If you're asking "what is this challenge of which you speak?" see here)

June has been the first month in the last 7 months that I've fallen below the 50% challenge mark.

The last 9 months of challenge have been thus:

Jun - 46%
May - 56%
Apr - 98%
Mar - 93%
Feb - 93%
Jan '12 - 51%
Dec - 57%
Nov - 55%
Oct '11 - 36%

The current average is sitting at (drumroll please)... 65%

Which doesn't give me a lot of room to move in the next 3 months of challenge - the hungry gap of the year.

Why didn't I plant winter veg in Jan? And I thought I was so good in Feb and Mar planting my little brassicas... pride always comes before a fall. I won't be so smug next year thats for sure!

There are plenty of caulis and cabbage yet to be eaten - hopefully they will mature in the next 3 months and feed me!

I've had to resort to the markets again, which is nice for variety but not for my pride.

Come on garden, you can do it!


  1. Well done! I don't count my crop but I KNOW that this time of year I am thin on pickings. I have finished my broccoli and caulis (although there is some cauli in the fridge) and have two cabbages in the patch to go and a few snow peas that I am getting a feed from every second day. Otherwise everything else is too small or its too early to plant. Oh well... hard to get timings right sometimes, but we are still growing most of our own.

    1. I know what you mean! I'm impressed with the cabbages and caulis - mine are still babies and nowhere near eating stage. But it is nice when you can still manage to get a bit of this and a bit of that and make a meal!

  2. Love the challenge. I think this time of year is hard, unless you've got lots of space. For me to be able to have over 50% I'd have to have put in brassicas, celeraic, fennel etc way before the summer crops had finished which I don't have a bed spare to do. Either that or eat primarily preserved summer crops which I'd prefer not to do. Perhaps a balance of preserved and half a bed free in Feb so brassicas would work?

    1. Yes, I totally agree. It's hard though to be putting enough thought into the winter crops when summers crops really just hitting their peak. I think that 50-50 split bed would work well. I'm also wondering if it would be possible to start brassicas in between other plants eg corn or staked tomatoes in Jan-Feb, so that when the summer crops are over the brassicas are just hitting their stride... But that's the fun thing about the garden - there's always next year to try something!