Beheading broccoli...

12 June, 2012

I've been missing the garden of late. What with cold, dark mornings when I get up and cold, dark evenings when I get home from work, the veg garden has been a little neglected of late.

The weekends are really the only things keeping the gardener in me going, and with the long weekend just gone its been a treat to have another day where I can spend the sunlight hours getting my hands dirty.

While the growing front has definately slowed, there are still some pickings to be had. And the most fun of those is beheading broccoli.

Take one head of broccoli just ripe for the picking.

Chop off broccoli head, leaving plenty of broccoli stem from which you will get side shoots.

Place in basket.

Yelling "Off with their heads" while picking is an optional extra...

1 comment:

  1. It's pretty satisfying to decapitate them isn't it. Nice looking broccoli!