Hopeless, but promising...

23 May, 2012

My hopefullness on the rockmelon was not well founded, as it turns out.

I picked my solo rockmelon as its stem had withered and dried, but my hope was diminishing. A ripe rockmelon calls to you; when I have grown them in previous years I knew they were ripe as I was meandering around the garden and got the indefinably sweet smell of ripe rockmelon. This time: nada, nothing, not a whiff of sweetness was to be had.

But I picked it anyway.

And when I got it to the kitchen I cut it open and it was a joyless mush of orange flesh. I tasted it anyway. It tasted like a supermarket rockmelon, but a vague semblance of its potential flavour.

But amongst the anguish there twinkled a small spark of potential, many in fact.


And so I carefully picked out the tiny rockmelon seeds, washed them and layed them out to dry.

Here's hoping for future rockmelons...

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