Here's hoping...

07 May, 2012

While the summer months are but now a distant memory, and winter is no longer closing in but really here to stay, I'm hoping for summer crops. Specifically melon.

I grew both various watermelons and rockmelons over summer. The watermelons were spectacular and I got a decent crop out of those, but the rockmelons languished. I've been reading up a bit and it appears that the rockmelons (despite what you would expect with their various names) demand quite a bit water and preferably heavy mulching (I tried on the water front, but failed on the mulch) while watermelons are much less picky.

So not really suprise results then. I will try again next year and see if more water and mulching produces better results.

But in the meantime, my remaining rockmelon has actually got a fruit on it! So I'm hoping with some care and affection and coddling I may actually get something worth eating.

Fingers crossed!

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