When the vine is right...

15 April, 2012

Today I made stuffed vine leaves.

It wasn't something I first thought of doing when I inherited the 40 year old grapevine in my back garden. I just thought grapes. Although I have always appreciated the gnarled look of the vine. But the other day I was re-reading a Jackie French book (was it in Backyard Self-sufficiency or Seasons of Content - I can't remember...) and she mentioned vine leaves, and so I thought I'd give them a go.

So last week I picked a bunch of the biggest vine leaves, dunked them in boiling water until pliable and then dried them. I then covered them in oil and put them in the fridge.

Then felt like a pottering day, so I made a rice filling and then rolled, and rolled and rolled.

Until I had a dish full of filled vine leaves (there were more than in the pic - I promise). I hesitate to call them dolmades as I have no idea how to make authentic dolmades.

Either way, they were delish!

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