Betwixt and between...

03 April, 2012

With the weather cooling down and autumn truly here it’s really feels like a strange place between the last vestiges of summer and the beginnings of winter.

Though surprisingly, some of the summer fruit and veg that looked to have finished for the year have had a second go at life, almost like they have been having a little rest and are now ready for one last go at producing. The strawberries and alpine strawberries are flowering and fruiting like mad.

The corn are going great guns, as is the pumpkin which has new fruit slowly swelling.

I’m not sure they will be as big or (hopefully) as sweet as their older siblings but sometimes you only need a one-person sized pumpkin, not the economy sized one which would feed a village.
The beetroots are flourishing, and I’m joyously anticipating many warm roasted beetroot salads as the decent into winter progresses.

There are little baby beetroots and carrots which hopefully will give successional crops until new sowings in spring (which seems sooooo far away).

And joy of joys I finally have lettuce, as over summer it has been much too hot for them to germinate.

Though we tend to think of lettuce as a summer crop, it doesn’t germinate in temps over 20 degrees, so I think this year I’ll be sowing lettuce in spring in the shady places and hoping I can stop it going to seed and get some summer leaves.
But for now, I'll be enjoying the remnants of the summer harvest for as long as I can!

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