Here come the tomatoes...

04 February, 2012

Finally the tomatoes are really hitting their strides. This week I've been having tomatoes most days, either in salads, or pasta, or omelettes; tomatoes are versatile.

I have a few varieties this year; Principe Borghese, Yellow Pear, Isis Candy, Black Russian, Tommy Toe, Lemon Drop, Beefsteak and Grosse Lisse. The Principe Borghese and Yellow Pear were germinated in August, and the rest in September. The Principe Borghese and Yellow Pears were planted outside into the regular garden in around October, which is a bit early for Melbourne with the potential for late frosts. Traditionally the tomato planting day is the Melbourne Cup holiday. But I was brave, and also armed with garden fleece. This was tenderly wrapped spaciously around and over the seedlings, and when they grew to the top of the fleece pyramid (by which time there was little risk of frost) I opened up the top, but left it around the base. This seems to have worked pretty well, as the Principe Borghese had its first ripe tomato just after Christmas, and the Yellow Pear has been not far behind, and if anything is now killing it with around 1.5kg of golden delight just this week. Meanwhile all the other tomatoes planted out later and without fleece protection have lagged behind a bit, and while have set fruit, they are still green. I'll definately be following the early germintation and plant out with fleece protection system with all my tomatoes next year.

However, in the meantime I'm eating lots of tomatoes, giving plenty away and will soon have to start thinking about freezing tomatoes and making sauce. But for now I'm basking in the joys of a multitude of tomatoes. Who knows what I'm going to do when the other varieties are ready though...

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