The first watermelon!!!!

12 February, 2012

I have grown a monster watermelon!

At least, it is a monster watermelon in comparison to any other watermelon I have ever grown. I have grown watermelon over the years occasionally, mainly when I was still living at home. They were only ever baby watermelon, but I was still proud of them. Then over the last few years of renting I never had the space, or a large enough pot to attempt watermelon again.

But now I have space, and watermelon seeds.

Last year I grew watermelon over a trellis, and the plants managed to produce 6 watermelons from around 18 plants, ranging in size from reasonable (i.e. not quite volleyball size) to pathetic (i.e. barely larger than my fist).

This year I grew them in the front yard and let them ramble. I have grown 6 varieties; Moon and Stars, Sugar Baby, Sweet Siberian, Cream of Saskatchewan, Golden Midget and Blacktail Mountain.

This baby is a Sugar Baby (does this make me a Sugar Mama???!!) and is by far and away the most impressive watermelon ever. I took a photo if it next to my phone to give an idea of the sheer size of the thing.

I've been watching it with awe over the past few weeks swelling amongst the leaves, but of late have been torn with indecision - is it ready to pick yet??

The trouble I've always had is telling when a watermelon is ripe. Because if you pick it before its ready it is a complete and utter disappointment and waste of a good melon. The signs are supposedly that;
1. The melon sounds hollow when tapped (what exactly does a hollow sound sound like? does my melon sound hollow enough? or should it sound more hollow?).
2. Underneath the melon where it is resting on the ground turns from a white-ish colour to a yellow-ish colour (not so useful when you grow them on a trellis).
3. The bit at the end of the melon goes dry, apparently like a curly pigs tail (the stalk end, or the flower end?)

In the end I tapped away, and the melon sounded more hollow than any of the younger melons. Tick! (I think). The bottom of the melon was a nice yellow colour. Tick! (whoops to not taking a photo before I cut the melon)

The end of the melon (not the stem end) was dry and wrinkly, but the stem looked in fine order. Not sure on that one. But with two out of three I felt brave enough to harvest.

And it was gorgeous!


  1. The first year I grew watermelon I assumed that once the watermelon was large enough, it would automatically be ripe. We ended up harvesting what I think is the whitest watermelon I've ever seen!!
    - Christine

    1. Oh no! What a pity. I have to say, this was the best watermelon I've ever grown. But I have watermelons in the garden this year so maybe it will be superseded...