Challenge update #2...

28 February, 2012

Upon careful calculation (involving excel spreadsheets no less) of the fruit and vegetable items bought vs grown in the Great Fruit and Vegetable (not quite) Self-Sufficiency Challenge 2011/12 the current tally is...

(Drumroll please...)


Yes people, that's right. I have grown (so far) 77% of my own fruit and vegetables in the first five months of this challenge. And that's not including the produce eaten while pottering about in the yard, which would be considerable - I'm amazed I manage to get any produce in the door to the scales at times.

If you will recall, way back in August last year I challenged myself to grow 50% of my fruit and veg for a year. I started roughly documenting this in September, but unfortunately I seem to have lost these early records, so my calculations only go from October onwards. But in these five months it would seem I've been punching above my weight. I'm not sure how things will go over the winter months, but I have started planning and have planted a few brassica seeds (blog on this to follow). I think by the end of it all (Oct 2012) I'll be closer to the 50% mark, but for now I'm feeling pretty darn pleased with myself.

So garden, thank you!

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