A horrible crime...

24 January, 2012

This isn't homegrown produce, but it is farmgrown so I feel it's close enough - though it most definately classifies as "bought" produce in my ongoing food grown vs food bought challenge. At the farmers market the fabulous stone fruit grower was proclaiming the "last cherries of the year" and so knowing it will be a full 11 months or so until I eat another fresh cherry I thought it would be great to grab some to preserve. So over the weekend I pitted 1.5kg cherries.

Although, as a side note, I really love the fact that I won't eat another fresh cherry until December. I hate the idea of a world where we can eat cherries flown over from the USA, or aspargus from Peru, or any other non-seasonal food any day of the year. Only having cherries, or stone fruit, or mangoes in summer makes it special.

Anyway, back to the original topic. Whilst in preparing the cherries for future bottling this week (not enough hours in the day!) I fear I may have provided incriminating evidence against myself. As if it doesn't look like I've committed a horrible crime!...

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