Season of berries...

07 December, 2011

I am in the midst of a berry growing bonanza. Not that I'm complaining of course.

Strawberries have been coming thick and fast, although some of them are a little bug eaten at times. I've had the netting over the main patch so the birds can't cause too many problems (I've learnt my lesson since the cherry fiasco!). However I have strawberry plants scattered around the front yard which I have left to the birds and they seem to be enjoying those as when the first sign of red emerges its quickly pecked away. Over the last few weeks I've been harvesting 3-5 punnets of strawberries each week, which is more than enough. I may even start to think about making jam...

The raspberries have been going great guns. I've had a few picks here and there since October but in the last few weeks they've really hit their stride. Last week I picked 1.6kg of raspberries!!! Some has been hitting the freezer but most of it is ending up on yoghurt and then swiftly eaten!

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