Peas please...

14 November, 2011

I finally have peas. I planted peas late this year in spring, not getting around to doing it in Autumn (this was also pre-challenge, which explains my not getting my ass into gear!). I did manage to plant some broad beans and have thus been enjoying broad beans for many weeks now. But peas have been slow going.

In September I sowed indoors in pots Greenfeast and Golden Podded peas. At about the same time I sowed outdoors a purple podded variety that I grew last year and as I didn't pick them regularly enough some peas went beyond nice eating into starchy territory, so I left them on the plants until they dried and saved the seed. The indoor ones germinated well, and I hardened them off before planting them outside in October. The outdoors peas germinated a bit more slowly, but once they managed to climb onto the bottom of the pea support they have raced ahead.

Lately I've been picking the odd pea here and there for eating while meandering about the garden, which is one of the best ways to eat peas, straight from pod to mouth. But that said there is nothing like a full saucepan of peas. However to achive this quite a lot of pods are required. Unfortunately til now said number of pods have been wanting. Until now...

So now I can enjoy sweet little tender peas in abundance. Joy!

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