Artichokes on their way

11 November, 2011

This year I started growing Artichokes. These plants are amongst the first of the front yard edibles which will be intermingled with the ornamental plants, mostly because they look so gorgeous when they flower. Which is essentially what we eat - the flower before it starts to look pretty, just when its at its most tasty as the part which is usually removed (the 'choke' - that's not trying to tell us something is it???) is the hairy centre part of the Artichoke which if left on the plant becomes the beautiful purple flower.

I have grown two varieties - Imperial Star (cue Darth Vader music - my older brothers' Star Wars obsession must have made some sort of mark on me...) and a purple variety called (not suprisingly) Violetto.

These have all been raised from seeds and now have been planted out into the yard, where they have flourished.

And joy of joys, while I was cheking out the garden yesterday I noticed the first tiny Artichokes forming.

Can't be long now before they hit the pot!

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