Popping corn...

09 October, 2011

Last year I grew corn specifically for popcorn. I was slightly sceptical about the process, but prepared to give it a go. So I had 6 corn plants that I left the developing cobbs on (painfully - it was so hard not to eat them!) the plants to fully mature. These were then picked and further dried and looked like this...  

Then I spent a lazy autumn afternoon rubbing the kernels off the husks. An hour or so later (which resulted in a oddly located blister on my thumb) I had a jar of popping corn. And that’s where it stayed until the other night when I was feeling a bit peckish.


I hadn’t made popcorn since I was a kid, but vaguely remembered my mum on the odd occasion putting a seemingly tiny amount of popping corn into a pan, waiting for the pings to subside and then feasting on hot buttered fresh popcorn. 
So I followed the tried and true method above (note to self: a quarter of a cup of popping corn will satisfy the most crazed of snacking cravings) and lo and behold, there was fresh popcorn. It still seems somewhat magical to put hard corn kernels in a pot and watch fluffy, buttery corn scented deliciousness emerge.

I since have made plain salted and buttered popcorn, smoked paprika chilli popcorn and my personal favourite (so far) cinnamon and clove popcorn. Yum!


  1. I've also tried growing popping corn, but only one of my seeds has germinated so far! I shall have to try re-sowing.
    - Christine

    1. I'm sure you will still be able to get a crop from one plant thought, with some judicious hand pollinating. Actually, depending on how much popcorn you want, on replant should give enough cobs for a couple of bowls worth, on explanation may be enough...

    2. Read 'explanation' as 'plant' - auto correct does some strange things at times