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01 November, 2011

Since I (perhaps unwisely) challenged myself to growing at least 50% of my fruit and vegetable foodstuffs for a year I've been considering how to actually monitor this. Because of course if I don't monitor, how will I know if I've done it or not?

Hence, I've set up some rules by which the 50% challenge will be run;
1. Only fruit and veg eaten at home will be included.
2. % will be based on weight, volume or number of items bought vs grown.
3. All fruit and vegetable matter bought or grown will be documented in the Great Fruit and Veg (not quite) Self-sufficiency Challenge 2011/12 official notebook (yet to be purchased, but I want something pretty and won't settle for the current makeshift 50c notebook from woolies).

Althought I have not yet purchased said official notebook, I have started documenting, admittedly very roughly, the last month of home consumed fruit and veg.

I also think this will help in ongoing planning for veg growing, in that knowing when I started harvesting and how much will help me know what to plant, how much and when. Assuming of couse that in 12 months time I don't decide its all too hard and to pack it all in, of course...

So far I think I'm slightly ahead on the 50% front, however its pretty close. I'm hoping the next couple of months will be pretty productive in the garden and help me to get a head start for the autumn/winter which I'm sure will be my weakest link.

However, I'm hoping that I will be able to preserve/freeze enough produce to help me get through this, and have already started by freezing some of the broadbeans that have been really hitting their strides in the last couple of weeks.

Fingers crossed these little babies will be able to assist with getting me through!

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