Bugs, dammit!

19 October, 2011

My little baby seedlings are becoming adolescents and now have to go out into the big, bad world and see if they can make it. So I have started planting out some of the (hopefully) more frost tolerant seedlings. Cucubits (cucumbers, pumpkins, squash, rock- and watermelons), corn, basil and most of the tomatoes are still coddled in the cosy warm of the indoors. Dwarf beans and the earliest of the tomatoes have been kicked out into the cold. However I haven't been entirely heartless, after all I have a vested interest in ensuring these plants don't die (so I can eat them, which is not entirely philanthropic, but anyway). My comprimise is to cover the poor seedlings with old milk bottles, so they are not completely at the mercy of nature.

The idea is these provide a mini-greenhouse environment, particularly to protect the plants from any potential frosts. They are also supposedly helpful in protecting plants from bugs that like to eat tender new seedling leaves. However, some of these covers are failing in their duty, and the odd bean has been lost.

This poor bean has been eaten down to a stump! I blame the bugs.

The tomatoes seem to be holding up, but we shall see...

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