Almost strawberries

25 September, 2011

The strawberries are almost here. Last years' Chandler strawberries have been growing steadily under glass and now have fruit as well as flowers. The runners from the Cambridge Rival's are settling in and starting to grow and a few of those have flowers too, but no fruit as yet. I've also got some Alinta and Hokawase in pots and will see how these go. The 3 year old Red Gauntlet's which I had planned to pull out but never got around to it also have flowers. I didn't think the fruit was that worthwhile last year but now they're flowering I think I'll give them another chance to prove themselves.

The alpine strawberries that were raised from seed in autum this year and cosseted inside through winter have been planted out in the strawberry wall. Blog on this strategy to follow when I see if the idea has paid off or not...

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