In the beginning...

15 August, 2011

Hi there. Welcome to my blog.
This blog will be my ongoing journey growing fruit and veg in my own backyard in suburban Melbourne. I've been pottering a bit in growing my own fruit and veg over the past few years, and as much as I love growing my own fruit and veg, I think I love reading about it just as much. But despite doing a few (pretty quick and entirely un-thorough) searches I couldn't find any blogs from home fruit and veg growers around Melbourne. And while I appreciate reading about what people are growing in the US, Canada, UK and even other areas around Aus, I really wanted to read about what others closer to home were growing. But, no luck. So I thought I would write my own, and here I am.
I suppose a bit of background info might be appropriate. So here goes... I grew up with my parents and grandparents growing a few bits and pieces of edible plants in their backyards. I vividly remember my grandmother pulling carrots out of the ground when I was probably around 7 or 8 years old, and being amazed that under all that frothy green was bright orange carrots. Also the bumpy cucumbers she used to grow which we always ate for lunch quartered lengthwise with salad dressing. I remember peaches from tree we used to climb as big as my hands; unfortunately that tree had to get pulled out to move the washing line as it was shaded by the next door neighbours trees – a week later they chopped the trees down. So cruel! My parents still grow tomatoes and onions and lettuce and rocket and a whole bunch of other stuff, though now it’s more of a (mostly friendly) competition – I still am adamant that my apple trees will fruit before Dad’s will!
So I suppose this is part nostalgia, and part just not being able to buy really good fruit and veg (particularly fruit). So here goes...
Given we're heading out of winter and almost into spring and the start of the (main) growing season it seems apt to start now. At the moment I've got the end of the winter veg coming through, with leeks, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts and the last of the years carrots being the main contenders. Looking forward the pea seedlings are just coming up, broad beans beginning to flower (though the crimson flowering ones have been going at it since June - just no pods as yet as its too cold), asparagus which is just starting to show itself (guarded jealously for two years, and now finally I can eat it!), and I'm eagerly waiting for my order of this years seeds to arrive (should be any day now). And then I'll really be able to get a start on this years crops. I can't wait!


  1. I too have been searching for Melbourne based gardening blogs. Glad to have found yours.

    1. As it turns out we are a well hidden group, us Melbourne bloggers. I feel a bit foolish having written that back then before I had found others, but you live and learn.

    2. Two years later and I did exactly the same thing! I've come to the conclusion that Melbourne gardening bloggers just don't hit the google algorithms the right way! I'm very pleased to have found you (and others like you), even if I had to do it without google!

    3. I know! I have no idea how to thwart the google algorithms but I think finding bloggers from other bloggers is an enjoyable way to discover like minded people out there on the internets.