Hungry gap harvest...

28 August, 2011

So since my commitment to growing most of my fruit and veg I've been much more aware of what is in the garden and how I can use it. Previously I had taken the best bits of the garden, and if there wasn't much around I'd be relying more on farmers market shopping. But now I'm much more concious of using what is in the garden. There has been a lot of rocket salad consumption, which is no hardship on my part (particularly in a rocket, pear and walnut salad... heaven!!) and finishing up the carrots before they go to seed, although I will let some go to seed as they attract beneficial insects into the garden. Also the first few aspargus spears are coming along which is so exciting as this is the first year I can harvest them.

Lunch today was (another) rocket salad with finely sliced choggia beetroot, goats cheese and watermelon. Delicious! The carrots were for snacking while I made the salad. They didn't last long.
While on the veg front I have been able to work with what's in the garden currently, on the fruit side of it its a waiting game. So I'm eagerly watching the fruit bushes and trees for signs of life. The strawberries under glass are flowering and hopefully setting fruit, and the loganberry is fruiting for the first year.

Meanwhile over the weekend I planted the last of the apple trees (now I have 22 - that's not too many, is it??) and the new cherries (sweet and sour), pear and plum tree. I've been compiling an inventory, which will be a blog in its own right.

All I can say is, bring on spring!


  1. 22 apple trees?! However did you fit them all in?!
    - Christine

    1. Ha! Now I have 57... I will be posting on this in the coming weeks but the short answer is they are mostly espalier end and on very dwarf rootstocks, so smaller trees = fitting lots in!