19 August, 2011

I'm trying to decide if I ought to challenge myself to grow at least 50% of my fruit and vegetables for a year. At the moment I mostly just grow bits and pieces; a cabbage or two here, some tomatoes there. I still rely heavily on farmers markets and to a much lesser extent supermarkets (mostly because I know what good fruit and veg should taste like and I refuse to spend my hard earned cash on crap) to supply my gardening shortfalls.

But of late I've been thinking whether it mightn't be a good idea to grow a whole lot more. With a lot more of the garden finally in a useable state, rather than the weeds, grass, corrugated iron and old tiles that the garden consisted of when I moved in, I've got a fair bit of possible growing space.

So in an effort to try and convince myself that it's possible, I made lunch from the garden. Witness exhibit A: ingredients for garden veg tart.

The tuscan kale and leeks were thinly sliced, the carrots and beetroot were grated and this was all mixed with some margoram and sage and a couple of beaten eggs (from my Oma's chickens) and a dash of cream, salt and pepper. Shortcrust pastry (made in my brand spanking new magimix - I think I have a new favourite appliance) with the base crimped up at the sides as I don't have an appropriately sized tart dish seemed to keep it all in place. Served with a cos lettuce, rocket and avocado salad with lemon juice and the good olive oil (the brand is Nicolas which I used to get at Kingston farmers market but have since been able to get at Leo's), it was delicious.

But that doesn't mean I'll be able to grow the majority of my food. I think the greatest challenge will be in the planning. Like with this year when I'm only just being able to harvest brussel sprouts, and most of the cabbages are still juvenile. What would I have eaten all winter? As much as I love carrots and leeks I don't want to eat them everyday, and what I grew from last year would have run out ages ago.

But that said I think I still want to give it a go. And if worst comes to worst and I fail miserably, I'll still be eating well with whatever I manage to grow.

So it looks like I've talked myself into it. Challenge accepted; for the next 12 months I'll be aiming to grow at least half of my fruit and veg myself. How I'm going to monitor this is yet to be determined (and if that sounds like an out it's not).

So now all I need is to finally get the majority of my seeds which I ordered two weeks ago and am still waiting to have delivered. Then the challenge will begin...

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